Long-term expertise in VoIP software

Why choose us?

Since 2010, our company Belledonne Communications has been developing the Linphone project, the leading open source softphone for smartphones and desktop platforms.

As many of our customers are manufacturers and developers of IP intercom and door entry systems, we have strengthened our expertise in VoIP embedded systems and developed specific features for intercom use cases.

Linhome team
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In 2020 we have decided to launch Linhome, our white-label app designed for IP intercom systems, and to focus on specifc market needs through this website.

Our expertise

Communication protocol icon
Communication protocols (SIP, RTP, ICE, STUN/TURN, codecs)
Software development icon
Software development in C++, C, C#, Java, Objective C, and Swift
Media streaming icon
Media streaming and signal processing (voice and video)
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Secure communications (SIP TLS, SRTP, ZRTP, SRTP-DTLS)
Mobile apps icon
Mobile and desktop apps (iOS, Android, Qt)

Why choosing us?


Full-stack control

We develop internally the source code of the full-stack software solution that we distribute, which gives our customers full control of the solution that they choose.


Long-term expertise

Since 2010, our company is focusing on SIP and RTP technologies. We have helped more than 300 customers take advantage of our VoIP applications, libraries, and servers worldwide.



You can choose between using our software through their GNU / GPL and AGPL open source licenses, or purchasing a proprietary license to keep your sources closed  it is up to you.


Expert support

Our expert engineering team provide high-level support services to investigate and solve any issue that may arise in our software, and to guide you in the usage of our APIs.


Custom development

As we know that you are best placed to know what features your customers need, we offer bespoke development on demand. Send us your technical specifications to get a quote.



Are you at the beginning of your transition from analog to digital technologies? Do not hesitate to request our assistance to design your embedded VoIP projects and SIP network.

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We understand that you need to stay focused on your expertise, so we offer a high level of support and consultancy services.