Users and devices management

Securely create, pair, and manage your app users and their devices.

Allowing users to connect their home automation devices with their smartphones easily and securely is a key component of home automation systems. We provide building blocks helpful to create a secure management system.


Our users and devices management solution includes:

  • Flexisip account manager
  • a web service solution (remote REST API) for apps and management interfaces
  • a remote provisioning server compatible with Liblinphone, Linhome, and Liblinphone’s account manager APIs


As part of this solution, we can provide you with adaptation and consultancy services to help design a solution that best integrates with your current products.

Main features:

  • QR-code based remote provisioning
  • Account management web service
  • SMS or email-based account verification
ico linhome

More details are available on our Gitlab.