Flexisip SIP proxy server


Embed Flexisip SIP server into your door entry devices, or deploy it as a cloud service.

Flexisip is a robust and scalable SIP proxy server. Thanks to its modular architecture and its limited number of required dependencies, it is perfectly suitable for integration into low-footprint embedded systems, as well as for large cloud deployment.

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Flexisip is a powerful SIP proxy that can be embedded in your hardware, for local routing of intercom calls within the house.

It can also be deployed on your cloud infrastructure (at your premises or on remote machines rented from the provider of your choice), for interconnecting houses/buildings with public internet and Apple’s/Google’s push notification systems.

Main features:

  • Transport protocols: SIP/UDP, SIP/TCP and SIP/TLS
  • NAT-aware with a built-in media relay module and ICE/STUN/TURN support
  • Digest and TLS client certificate authentication

Specific features:


Embedded SIP server

  • Early media call forking (display of the caller’s video preview to all ringing devices)
  • SIP network deployment made easy thanks to Multicast DNS (mDNS)

Cloud SIP server integrated
with push notification systems

  • Interconnected with push notification systems for reliably notifying mobile apps of incoming calls
  • Possible integration in front of legacy embedded SIP servers
  • High availability and cluster mode for large deployments
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More detailed technical specifications and the list of supported RFCs
are available on the Linphone website.

Download our white paper.