Liblinphone SDK for voice/video over IP calling


Use Liblinphone SDK for voice and video over IP communications.

Liblinphone is a high-level cross-platform SDK based on the SIP protocol. It is the VoIP library that we use in our Linhome app, and have used in our famous open source softphone Linphone since 2001.

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Liblinphone is a powerful VoIP SDK that implements all audio/video calling and messaging features within a single library.

It offers C, C++, C#, Python, Swift and Java APIs, and can either be embedded into door entry devices or used to develop mobile and desktop apps.

Main features:

  • HD voice with echo cancellation and support for various codecs (Opus, Speex, g711, g729, etc.)
  • HD video quality with support for H.264, H.265, and VP8 codecs
  • Early media video (display of half-way video preview before the call is answered)
  • Call recording (audio and video)
  • DTMF (telephone tones) support using SIP INFO or RFC 4733
  • Innovative RTP jitter buffer algorithm, which quickly adapts to network conditions with a high level of jitter and improves control of the audio latency
  • Adaptive bit rate control algorithm, for efficient congestion control and estimation of the available bandwidth
  • ICE (RFC 5245), STUN, and TURN (RFC 5766) support, for optimised NAT traversal allowing peer-to-peer audio and video connections whenever possible
  • Media encryption with SRTP or SRTP-DTLS encryption protocols

Specific features:


VoIP SDK for embedded software

  • C, C++, Python
  • Easy integration into embedded systems (Yocto packages)
  • Low memory footprint
  • Support of a wide range of OS webcam APIs
  • Advanced video quality mechanisms

VoIP SDK for mobile and desktop apps

  • Java, Swift, and C# wrappers
  • Easy app integration thanks to Cocoapods (for iOS) and Maven (for Android)
  • Secure user authentication with MD5 / SHA256 digest or TLS client certificates
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More detailed technical specifications and the list of supported RFCs
are available on the Linphone website.

Download our white paper.