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Technical resources

As an open source software company, we publicly share our technical information and software.

source code

Linhome, Liblinphone, Flexisip, and Flexisip Account Manager are dual-licensed. They can be integrated and distributed for free under GNU/GPLv3 and GNU/AGPLv3 licenses (for open source projects), or for a fee under a proprietary license (for closed source projects).

You can download our source code from our public Gitblab, via the linhome-ios, linhome-android, Liblinphone, Flexisip and Flexisip Account Manager projects.


Our company’s public wiki is full of useful hints for starting programming with our software, including:


The Liblinphone API reference doc is provided at a single place for all supported programming languages:


The Flexisip reference documentation is available here.

Guides and white papers


Are you a developer and you want to deploy your own SIP network for your embedded VoIP project?

Watch our FOSDEM presentation to know how to build a SIP network for audio and video intercom systems

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